A Transient State  - Diurne

A Transient State


A Transient State is an acoustic ambient duet. Founded by guitarist Jason Del Campo and bassist Fran├žois Simitchiev, ATS is a rich meeting-place between their respective musical worlds : jazz and classical. The traditional codes of ambient music pose a rough framework from which the two musicians are able to develop a musical narrative. This decor with its infinite expanses, arouses the imagination of the listeners by inviting them to fully immerse themselves in the steadily building arrangments. The performance is augmented by the use of effects and loops, and plays on the contrast between repetitive music and pure improvisation. At the confluence of acoustic, bruitiste and electronic music, ATS has forged a singular sound identity. Their music seems to free itself from the constraints of time and gravity, reaching its limit only when it is no longer possible for both musicians to play everything live.

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