My Own Ghosts - Happy Now

My Own Ghosts

Happy Now

In 2013, Kid Loco produced the first album from Old Mountain Station, a young folk rock band that he met by chance at a Parisian gig. It's with their singer Thomas that Kid Loco has now teamed up again for a new project called My Own Ghosts :
Les Inrocks: 'A benefactor of musical humanity (the Parisian Kid Loco) is here lurking in the shadows. And shady, this pop is, in a psychedelia that grumbles more than explodes into a thousand colors, an Americana pushed to the brink of nervous breakdown. It takes little means to undermine morale: the discolored voice of Thomas (Old Mountain Station) and the guitars entangled and ripped. And that's enough to create this beautiful torn music, an acidic soundtrack to imaginary sepia images ... '

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