As we wait for the new lisa li-lund album 'Glass Of Blood' (Pan European Recordings) coming this fall, here for the first time online is a large part of li-lund’s impressive back catalogue.

Click on the separate links to access each of the 9 LPs & EPs that are making their digital debut, adding to the many solo projects & collaborations already available that lisa has undertaken from her high school days through to the present.

Hit each link to listen !

"Today, you'll be able to jump on the back of a space-and-time travelling horse in order to hear a big chunk of my previous recordings.Albums, EPs, recorded throughout the World, throughout the years, from The North of Sweden to the South of brazil, from the Highlands of Scotland to my childhood bedroom in Paris. Many of them written with my dearest friends and musical colleagues: brothers, girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, dogs, ghosts of a life past and passengers on my ever-cruising-ship.

There is a lot of love, heart-break, wonderful adventures, incredible encounters locked inside those songs. From now on, digital world, my ghosts are yours if you'll have them.

Yes, I could use a Glass Of Blood."

Heart of Blood - 'Murder In Blur' EP
Bay Bear - 'Bay Bear'
Lisa B Wants To Play Guitar With AHD
Fruit Of The Land
900 KMS From Lund
Lisa B & Hannah W
Li-Lund Run Away
12000 Waves
Heavy Horse