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Pit Spector feat. GBSix


Pit Spector is an essential figure of the french minimal scene, currently metamorphosing into one of Europe’s hottest up-and-coming underground players. After the creation of the Albatros Studio with his Antislash accomplices, he partnered with his brother Ark on a series of EP’s released on Versatile, Hold Youth, Thema and Karat and released his own four Ep's on Minibar music. He regularly plays out at some of Europe’s most influential clubs whilst at home in Paris he can be seen at the Rex, Concrete, La Machine and festivals such as Weather. In 2014, Pit launched his residency 'Prospector' in Paris, each time inviting a guest artist to join him in the studio beforehand to work on a unique live set. Other than a damn good party, it's also the name of Pit’s label. Drops so far include top quality collabs with Ark, San Proper, Ben Vedren, Narcotic Syntax, Dandy Jack, The Mole, Cuthead, Tin Man and Ernesto Feyrrera. Here at Splinter we're honored to feature this new track, with its smooth R n B vocals from GBSix, that should once again push Pit's boundaries even further !

Pit Spector feat. GBSix - 'Sablé'

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